Day 60 – Climbing in the Cloud

Long drive down to South Wales.

Had sparks of hope for good weather but completely misty and windy arriving at Brecon Beacon. Met our friend, Beth Miller. Awesome human being who agree to guide us up hill in this terrible terrible weather.

For the entire way, it was blowing at approx 60 kmph with thick fog. We were basically climbing uphill in the clouds. We couldn’t see further than 10-15 meters. Couldn’t appreciate the surrounding even though we reached the top. Despite the winds screaming at us and being total wet, had great conversations and laughs the entire way.

3 hours later, we were back at the bottom. My dearest and I vowed to come again.


Day 59 – Happy Birthday and Welcome to the new Era of Polaroid

Today I worked until 7 pm, and I was eager to get to Chester from work because my fiancee and friends are having dinner there at 7pm. The drive took a little over an hour.

This morning I finally had a chance to sort out my dearest’s present and its something that I have been preparing for over one month.

I’m really glad she love the present. We had a lot of good polaroid photographs and spent quality time with friends in Wrexham as well.

Got home really late. Tomorrow morning, it will be a long drive down to South Wales. Adventure weekend with my dearest.


Canon G7X, ISO1250, 1/60, f/2.8, 36mm

Day 57 – Productive Day, Stress week

Research day is always my hair ripping, head throbbing, eyes burning, screen staring and quiet day.

Today was no different. But manage to get small breakthroughs and made good progress. Manage to be home on time for an early dinner, spend quality time with my dear.

Feels like my worries and tasks are all coming together at the same time this week. Tomorrow will be an uncomfortable day. Hate chasing people.

Spider hanging from the ceiling.


D7000, ISO100, 1/60, f/3.2, 50mm

Day 56 – “Just do your job”

In the morning, I found about and learned about the Manchester bombing. 22 people dead and over 50 injured. Most of the victims were young teenagers who just had a good time in a concert in Manchester.

I felt really numb, followed by a wave of anger and sadness for the people involved. The victims, families, friends, doctors, nurses, servicemen. So many people affected by this event, from the biggest tragedy to the smallest of effect.

I couldn’t help but think about what is the most appropriate response to an event like this.
Was it to be angry and upset? Allow the emotions in and let it cause chaos until it resolves?
Was it to be sad and sorry? To share the negative energy around and perhaps heal as a community?
Was it to feel nothing? To ignore and shrug it off by saying things like ‘shit happens’? Pretending like everything is still the same.
Should I be afraid?

Am I going to do nothing about this event? But what can I do? What should I do?

I kept coming back to the same thought.

“Do your Job”. “Lift those around you with spirit and soul”.

I couldn’t today. I was only at 75% of my usual performance today. I was even worse to my dearest. Stressed out and tired.

Tomorrow onwards, I will heal. Along with the rest of the country and of the world.
Tomorrow onwards, I will continue to fight my battles.
Tomorrow, we will all keep moving forward, supporting each other.

RIP. Victims of Manchester Bombing 2017.


D7000, ISO1600, 1/250, f/1.8, 50mm

Day 54 – More wedding dresses

Another day of driving but another day of trying bridal dresses. Since the first time my dearest tried bridal dresses, she’s slowly becoming more and more of an expert.

Dresses are still amazing on my dear. Every dress looks amazing. Today we found a strong contender and we learnt from it.

More driving and more of my dear sleeping.

The picture is a silhouette of my dear trying on a dress with a friend.


D7000, ISO1600, 1/40, f/4.0, 20mm

Day 53 – Time in the Car

Today, my dearest and I went out for a drive to Liverpool to get Chinese groceries and meet an old friend of hers. Good walk and good chat. It was nice meeting someone from my dearest’s past.

Spent easily 4 hours in the car driving. Most of that time, my dear dear was asleep. She can’t help it =). She is truly beautiful and cute. God I love her.