Clearing Old Clutter

“Getting Things Done”by David Allen

This was a book that was recommended by CGP Grey (A Youtuber. If you don’t know his stuff, I highly recommend watching ALL of his videos). I listened to the audiobook version about 3 years ago and until today, I still think of its lessons and principles.It truly changed the way I handled things and helped me sorted my life out.

Re-looking at my blog after working made me think:

“God, I’m a terrible terrible blogger.”

But yet, I find myself still having the desire to blog and start afresh multiple times in the past year. So many things has been happening, so many lessons to share. Some things are appropriate, something are not appropriate. After all, I’m a doctor now, and everyday I face mostly small but occasionally big ethical issues. Being at the edge of human lives does change the way I run my life.

All that aside. I’ve moved all my old blogpost to a separate domain and I will link them in the near future on a separate page. I have to say, I was and probably still am a terrible writer/blogger.

All that aside (again). Here’s to a new beginning (clink !). And as always, pictures to follow. This one is from my dearest and myself visiting the Pontsticill Reservoir (it has a Welsh name).

For those who don’t know, I am the lucky guy who is good with a camera. =D

Until next time.


One thought on “Clearing Old Clutter

  1. Tay….keep writing!
    I’m a terrible blogger too, leaving my blog behind for so long but always at the back of my mind.
    Nice to know you’re still writing 😀
    Hope all is well!


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