Day 4 – Future Family in Law

Woke up so peacefully with the sunrise with my dearest. So pretty and cute in the morning.

Later, I picked up my fiancee’s mom and brother from the train station and toured around Prestatyn. We had a 20 pound voucher that was gonna expire today (major incentive to actually shop and buy things). Completely worth it.

Eventually picked up my dearest from the hospital and brought everybody to the AirBnb. The AirBnb was tiny but amazingly comfortable and welcoming. Gonna leave an amazing review at the end of the stay. And as always, its really fun watching my future-in-laws have their family conversations and arguements.

Planned a lot of things in the next few days but at the moment, unfortunately, I forgot to bring my cable to load my photo in. Sorry. The photo was added in the next day.


Canon G7X, ISO800, 1/30, f/3.5, 22mm

Day 3 – 2 Hour Dental Appointment

Woke up still miserable today. But had a dreaded dental appointment today. For a root canal of one of my molars. Sigh…

Found parking, found the dental practice, 2 hours later, root canal done. Surprisingly painless. Even fell asleep for a few seconds because it was painless plus mouth was forced opened passively anyway (no consciousness required).

Felt slightly better in the afternoon after a nap. Cleaned room. Manage to sort 80-85% of my master photography catalog (once again, another project that was long over due).

Finally get to see my dear dear. =)


Canon G7X, ISO800, 1/1000, f/3.5, 8mm

Day 2 – Calling in sick during my on call

Slept in the morning (just finished my shift) and woke up feeling physically terrible. Exhausted.

Nose was uncomfortable, borderline painful due to all the rubbing and blowing into tissues.

Body ached like crazy. Was looking for paracetamol when I found the thermometer. Never used it but if there was a time to use it, now is the time.

Recorded 38.1 before paracetamol. Fellow housemates commented I look terrible.

Felt so guilty calling in sick during my on-call.

(Yes I know it says 37.8, but the first few readings, I wasn’t thinking of this project that I just started)


Canon G7X, ISO800, 1/125, f/4.0, 14mm

Day 1 – Rough Night Shift

Decided to restart my long time failed project. The 365 project. It has always haunted me in the back of my mind and now, its time to let the ‘monster’ out.

Picture was taken at work. I was doing my night shift and its been an incredibly busy night. Combined with the fact that I was ill (bad flu), it was a rough night.

Really missed my fiancee. Yes, I recently proposed to my girlfriend and she said yes. Details on that is personal and perhaps I’ll share┬áin the future. Just perhaps.


Canon G7X, ISO320, 1/10, f/5.6, 8mm