Day 34 – Time well spent

After working today, my dearest and I went out for spontaneous date. Awesome dinner. Thanks dear.

Today I want to do something different. I want to talk about RimWorld.

RimWorld is a colony simulator. Extremely complex game that is basically you exerting certain amount of control over your colonist to survive the harsh environment. It is extremely random which makes it really really enjoyable offline game.

To give you guys an idea on why it is fun, I’ve written the following and posted it up RimWorld Reddit.


“Chainbug Massacre”

A day like any other day. Engie was still upset by Xavier for breaking up just before the wedding. She would work hard in smithing armor and weapons. The ever alone Guzman would be spend all her time in the kitchen, Steele, our runner boy would try to keep thing together with parties and alcohol.

A day like any other except today the bugs broke through the floors. There was a panic. Everybody was still in their work clothes and there was not enough time to ‘suit up’.

Sissy was already under attack by the bugs that appeared underneath him. He couldn’t get away and he was the first to fall. Omar was the first to attempt to reach him, but the deadly bugs turned on him quickly. Dogs were tasked to protect him quickly fell to the insect armor and claws.

Other got into positions behind the armory in the middle of the room and started firing. Hails of bullets didn’t seem to slow the bugs down. More panic arise. The bugs were on top of most of the colony.

Otis who was out gardening, arrived home only to find blood everywhere. Becoming enraged, he took out his superior assault rifle and sprayed bullets. Refusing to give up on his friends, he kept moving forward.

Xavier, woke up from his wounds and began by saving his ex-love. Engie was bleeding out fast. Really fast. With only 6 fingers left, he did his best. Attempting the last bandage to stop the bleeding, his blood loss overcame his will. He collapsed, failing to stop the bleeding on his ex-lover.

Xavier turned to the door, hearing the screams of Otis, unable to move. Realising that this is the end of the Underground Faction, held Engie’s hands.


It is a game I highly recommend for someone who is looking for a ‘different’ kind of game.


Steam Screen Shot

Day 33 – Thinking about exchange and trade off

There are limits to every human being. Sometimes I think about working hard and finding a balance with life and other commitments.

Today I got a phone call from my consultant from ED. I’m a little angry because I already cancelled my locum shift this weekend yet somehow, my name is still on the rota. I’m a little stressed out because I have an exam coming up.

Sigh, but I feel really bad for the emergency department so I’m helping tomorrow for 8 hours.

Whole day with my dearest today. Grateful. =)


D7000, ISO400, 1/60, f/4.0, 35mm

Day 31 – Double celebration

Finally, my work scrubs arrived. Finally feel like a part of the team.

My dear dear really loves me. She made even more effort to make my day special. Birthday cake and fried chicken for dinner.

Using our TV to the max.


D7000, ISO400, 1/25, f/4.0, 20mm, cropped

Day 30 – OMG A TV in the ROOM

Had a rough day on my academic day. Its just tough being on your own on a big project. My consultant does have high expectations but I’m somewhat paralyzed by the pressure.

Head home to my dearest and she literally bought me a television for my birthday. Yes a television. Never had my own television before. And now, i get to share one with my dearest. Wow… Awesome.

Badminton was good too. =D


D7000, ISO1600, 1/125, f/2.8, 20mm

Day 27 – What a day in ED

Case after case. Complicated to complicated to complicated.

Long tiring day.

Somewhat emotional too.

But got through it. Another day tomorrow.

Sorry guys, not much to say today.


Canon G7X, ISO800, 1/20, f/5.6, 8mm

Day 26 – Good day of work

Working in Glan Clwyd today. There are some staffing issues but the team managed to power through the crisis.

It was a very productive tiring day. Learnt loads, and I think I did alright.

Tomorrow another day of oncall.

Dinner was incredibly simple. Korean instant noodles with cheese on top. For those who never had cheese on noodles, you’re really missing out.


Canon G7X, ISO800, 1/30, f/2.8, 18mm cropped

Day 25 – Waiting outside

Terribly sorry guys. I literally forgot to upload a photo yesterday. I picked a photo in my mind and I had such a good evening, I forgot about it and went to bed.


Yesterday I waited outside for 40 minutes. Really weird waiting outside a door for 40 minutes straight. I refused to youtube on my phone. Refused to call people via mobile because I know they are at work. All I did was message and wait. No music, no books. I remembered this youtube video about how the brain CRAVES for stimulus. People would even voluntarily induce pain instead of feeling bored. It was strangely interesting how time moves SO slowly when one doesn’t do anything or refuses to do anything.

Had a really fun dinner time, for the first time in a long time, friends visited my dearest flat. Had a large dinner together and watched Samurai Gourmet on Netflix.

It’s a show about a retired Japanese man learning how to live a retired life via food. Highly recommended. Good for working up an appetite.

A picture of myself at the end of the boredom time outside the flat. Gosh, hair is so long, and completely unshaven. @_@



Canon G7X, ISO800, 1/20, f/2.8, 8mm, cropped