Day 19: Berlin Day 2: Overwalking in history

An incredibly interesting day. My fiancee and myself started off with an early trip to the river in Berlin to catch interesting sceneries and more city exploration. But with a slight twist, a city photography shoot.

We haven’t done anything photography photoshoots in a LONG LONG time. It was really nice just my dear and myself, walking around the city, chatting and modelling.

The next highlight of the day was the Museum of the Murdered Jews. An incredibly museum just underneath the Field of Slates. A pretty grim and thorough history lesson. We also followed a free walking tour by the SANDEMANN tours. Amazing tour guide, giving us TONS and TONS of history lessons whilst visiting significant landmarks.

And we ended the day with a takeaway from a halal shop with snacks and lots of card games.

What an amazing day we had.

Montage 3
D7000, ISO200, 1/60, f/3.5, 35mm, montage of 4 pictures

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