Day 21 – London Trip for Family

By the time, my dear and myself reach home from Berlin, it was already 2 am. Had to repack in preparation for the next trip for London in about 4 hours time.

Woke up late, missed the taxi and the first train to London. Exhausted, we still manage to get another taxi to take us to Rhyl train station.

After 3 hours plus, we arrived in London and met my future-in-laws in Oxford Circus and continue our trip to Kensington Palace. Today’s main event is the Princess Diana’s Fashion Story.

I was pleasantly surprised about the character and the role of Princess Diana whilst a royalty. She used her fashion and fame to bring attention and deliver messages about important issues of the world (awareness about AIDS, poverty and charity). From her dresses to her deliberate etiquette (taking off her glove right before shaking hands with a man with AIDS) to her voluntary activities, it really seems that Princess Diana is a very very influential figure in her time. And I’m grateful that I got to know more about her (quite literally through her fashion).

My dearest and her mother was very very interested (obviously).

Picture was taken outside the Kensington Palace, by the lake in Kensington Park.

D7000, ISO200, 1/640, f/9.0, 20mm

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