Day 22 – Home. Finally.

After 3 days in Berlin and 2 days in London, we’re finally home. Can’t believe its only been 5 nights since we left for Berlin. It sure felt a lot longer than that.

Its truly amazing what humans are capable of in the modern age. My friends, my love and I just travelled to Berlin and back in less than 3 days. My love and I travelled to London in less than 2 days. Trips like these used to weeks if not, months to make. Sent the ring for resizing today.

As you can tell, I rare go on holidays. But after this trip, I can see why it is so addictive. Its almost like hitting the reset button in life. Coming home with a fresh perspective and clear mind.

Watched the movie Penelope today. Amazing with so many famous actors in it. Can’t believe I didnt watch it before. Thanks my dear.

I took the picture whilst waiting for the laundry to complete. Despite exhausted, I’m just grateful to be doing the laundry.

D7000, ISO 400, 0.6 seconds, f/8.0, 20mm

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