Day 23 – Eventless day

Today, my dearest and I simply spend as much time as possible together. Just hanging out. Watching shows, talk about stuff and did grocery shopping together.

Had to do a bit of work today but honestly, I’m just too damn tired to even think straight.

We did do something a little interesting. We finally got around to update our facebook status from “In Relationship with” to “Engaged to”. Its not even been 45 minutes and its been getting  tons of attention. People seem to think that I proposed to her today.  I proposed to her over 3 weeks ago. But its alright, I don’t expect people to truly follow me. Its just Facebook and its algorithms to get as many likes and conversations going.

Played a bit of badminton today. Really need to rebuild my physical abilities.

Picture of my hand running through her hair. Took numerous pictures, surprisingly difficult to take a close up of hand running through hair.

D7000, ISO400, 1/60, f/8.0, 20mm cropped

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