Day 25 – Waiting outside

Terribly sorry guys. I literally forgot to upload a photo yesterday. I picked a photo in my mind and I had such a good evening, I forgot about it and went to bed.


Yesterday I waited outside for 40 minutes. Really weird waiting outside a door for 40 minutes straight. I refused to youtube on my phone. Refused to call people via mobile because I know they are at work. All I did was message and wait. No music, no books. I remembered this youtube video about how the brain CRAVES for stimulus. People would even voluntarily induce pain instead of feeling bored. It was strangely interesting how time moves SO slowly when one doesn’t do anything or refuses to do anything.

Had a really fun dinner time, for the first time in a long time, friends visited my dearest flat. Had a large dinner together and watched Samurai Gourmet on Netflix.

It’s a show about a retired Japanese man learning how to live a retired life via food. Highly recommended. Good for working up an appetite.

A picture of myself at the end of the boredom time outside the flat. Gosh, hair is so long, and completely unshaven. @_@


Canon G7X, ISO800, 1/20, f/2.8, 8mm, cropped

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