Day 42 – Irrational anxiety?

Today my dearest said something that really resonate with me today. She said,

“You haven’t taken an exam for the past  two years. Of course you’re gonna be anxious.”

It been a really long time since I’ve taken any exam (aside from driving exam). Medical exams still strikes a deep seated fear that I’m not good enough or I may be a terrible doctor.

But it got me thinking about the complexity of medicine. And weirdly it reminded of some of Wing Chun principles.

“Guard your centre and aim for the centre”

It just reminded me that life is more than just its small problems. Its about the big picture. Everything else besides the big picture, is borderline irrelevant and we shouldn’t worry about them. Guard your centre, and aim for the centre.

Today we also went to the beach together before I left for Manchester (exam is in Manchester). Used my dearest’s father’s film camera. I’ll be sure to post them when I get them developed and scanned.

Wish me luck tomorrow.



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