Day 43 – Exam day and over

I’ll upload the photo tomorrow. Left the camera in the car.

Exam today was intense. Turned up plenty early for the exam. Sitting in a big room with round tables (waiting area for candidates), knowing all the other participants are doctors sitting for an exam, is subconsciously stressful. Times like these is when i like to imagine being in other people’s perspective.

Some are having the exam the first time, for others, this is may be their second or third time sitting  this exam.

Some have been studying for over 6 months and others barely made any preparation.

Some came with friends, others came alone to this exam.

It is my first time taking the MRCP. It gave me significant amount of perspective on how the exam is structured, how the questions are phrased and ALL THE HOLES in my KNOWLEDGE.

After the exam, I had the nice opportunity to drive my colleagues to Manchester train station, followed by a long groceries shopping in china town.

Canon G7X, ISO400, 1/2000, f/6.3



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