Day 114 – Good night sleep = Good day of work

Woke up extra early for the earlier shift today. Worked as hard as I can. Encountered some challenges with referral colleagues.

Had a really good time with SHO teaching today. Today the seniors organized something really special today. Not going to spoil it here. =)

Done my visa stuff (2000 pounds left my pocket). Ouch.

Great time groceries shopping and great dinner.

Was greatly inspired to create a rota algorithm via excel. Feel like I could solve a lot of problems if I put my mind into this.


Day 113 – Hair pulling research and suit shopping

Spend all morning and most of afternoon working on my research project. Finally have the brain space to do some work on it because of previous commitments of presentations and wedding and annual leaves. Moderate progress.

Got really upset over a facebook post. I shared it on facebook, it is about Math in Malaysia. Sigh.

RAINED REALLY HARD. Not quite cats and dogs but large rats fell down the sky.  =D

Went to Cheshire with my dearest and friend. Found AMAZING suits and good prices. Bought it basically straight away. Had loads of fun trying different styles and colours suits.


Canon G7X, ISO800, 1/40, f/2.5

Day 111 – Survived and catch-up

Woke up from a mixed of nightmare + weird dream.

Typical nightmare of waking up late and missing my presentation. And weird dream of having conversation with my dearest in a weird location. I’m not very good with dreams, I tend to completely forget them or not dream at all.

Survived presentation. Just glad I practiced last night. Stats and slides went smoothly and saved time for other parts of the meeting.

Boxes are for packing. That’s the next focus.


Canon G7X, ISO800, , f/2.5

Day 110 – Paranoia at work

Under significant pressure today. Multi tasking between my day job and my presentation tomorrow. ¬†Plus having distracting thoughts about how colleagues are talking about me behind my back. It makes it really difficult to have normal conversation when you’re paranoid.

Once again, don’t do anything stupid. Thanks dear.

Keep your eye straight and focus on the task at hand. Early morning tomorrow. Presentation nerves.


Nikon D7000, ISO800, 1/500, f1.8, 50mm

Day 109 – Home Sweet Home to Sarcasm

Woke up blissfully late in Edinburgh today. Besides the terrible traffic and difficulty finding parking, we had a moderately good lunch and said our goodbyes to our friend.

Had another blissful drive down to Wales. Long drives with my dearest are the best. Half the time she is peacefully sleeping. The other half having good and random conversations.

Took us about a little over 5 hours to reach home. But life will be life. I had to get back to work on my presentation that I’m doing on coming Tuesday. I was part of the team who will be presenting on Tuesday and I’ve been tasked to deal with the annual summary of the department. Lots of powerpoint slides, statistics and charts. Things I love.

Talking about things I love, today someone messaged me something I REALLY hate. I don’t hate many things but this is definitely one of them.

Obnoxious sarcasm

I’m terrible with sarcasm. I get it. It usually irritates me a little but today, this guy seriously pissed me off. Grrr….

But my dearest saw right through me. She gave me really deep words and thoughts about why and how to deal with this. That rare moment when a person you trust just gets everything right about your thoughts, emotions and past when dealing with a situation. This was one of those. And it’s always her who gets me.

She prevented me from doing something really stupid. I love you.


Canon G7X, ISO800, 1/500, f/2.8



Day 107 – Long Drive to Edinburgh

6 hours on the long road. It was surprisingly fun.

Had several stops and good food. Plenty of talks, podcast and music.

Arrived safely in AirBnb in Edinburgh.

Picture was taken near one of the stop. Flowers with one of the wind generators background.


Canon G7X, ISO125, 1/800, f/2.8

Day 106 – Getting Ready for the Weekend

Time is moving a hell of a lot slower in the past 2 weeks. When you have things to do, things to worry, commitments to fulfill and promises to keep, time becomes so much more precious. Every minute, every hour could be productive.

Really looking forward to this weekend. Annual leave tomorrow and will be in Edinburgh for the weekend.

Look forward to more pictures … ! Its a promise.


Canon G7X, ISO400, 1/13, f/4.0

Day 105 – I remember why I chose not to be a photographer

As many of my friends know, I used to do photography a lot. Like seriously, I nearly quit medical school to pursue that career path. I carried my camera every day and I absolutely love capturing moments and tell stories through a lens.

But I was also in medical school, I tried doing both, and I failed an exam. Then I was faced with a reality choice, focus on medical school or continue as you are and risk disaster (kicked out of med school for doing poorly in exams).

I actually look up and did some online research on photography as careers. Obviously there are some super successful ones. But most people are average. It is a cut-throat competitive business. And at that time with smartphones was on the rise and DSLR being super popular (this was 2010-11), that path is gonna be so much harder.

I made a conscious decision to ‘retire’ from photography. I put my shutter-bug in a box and kept it hidden from sight. I focused on the difficulty of photography rather than the joy of it. And eventually, I stopped thinking about it.

I’ve been trying to make a come back since I graduated from Medical School. Obviously it is not the same as I remember but everyday, I’m putting some work into it.

In the past week, I’ve been given the pleasure and curse of being the hirer of a wedding photographer. I’ve contacted numerous photographers for availability and quotes. Discussed potential problems and backup systems. Discussed services. And look at a lot of images whilst keeping a detailed opinion notes about each photographer style. Some were obviously not suitable. Some were way too expensive. Some were way too cheap. Some had styles that I knew we wouldn’t like. Like many things in life, it came down to two choices. Reviewed my notes, re-looked at the images, looked at the prices and services. Make a decision.

It is almost like looking at myself in a different universe. A universe where I chose a different passion. And I can kinda see myself, being the photographer rejected. Being passionate but it doesn’t pay back. Even though I was doing the rejecting, but somehow I feel the emotional pain.

I’m still confident with my choice and I don’t think I made the wrong choice, but the emailed I received….god, it planted some seeds of doubt about my choice. But at the same time it made me really happy AND sad about my retirement from photography.




Day 104 – Pizza

Tuesdays are Two for One Domino Offer Days. Bought pizza for myself as lunch, dinner and tomorrow’s lunch.

A very emotional day for me. Woke up feeling lost, I’m so not used to sleeping and waking up alone. Finalising on some details about the wedding. Emails emails and emails.

Work was tiring. As always.


Day 103 – Another tired day

Started work at 4.00 pm today. Which truthfully I was very grateful for. It gave me time in the day time to write loads of emails and make lots of phone calls. Having lunch with my dearest also made me very very happy.

But I think I’m at the point in life when things are just busy. Loads of things outside of work is weighing on my mind. I know they are temporary and they are part of life. I don’t hate them at all. I just worry constantly of letting people down.

Another thing I’m so grateful for is my current system of GTD. For those who don’t know, it stands for Getting Things Done. It is a common sense productivity system by David Allen. It allowed me to record, keep track, focuses and follow through all projects, actions and ideas. Basically it is my external brain. Because brains are not all that reliable. At least not mine.


Canon G7X, ISO400, 1/13, f/4.0