Day 95 – Something like Bliss

For those who know me in real life, my mandarin is terrible. As a child, I went to a basically all Malay school. As a result, I never had much good exposure to Mandarin. Followed by terrible ‘friends’ (the use of friends is loose here), my affinity to Mandarin drops even more.

But I am trying. I still want to improve on my Mandarin but the one that is pushing me the hardest, is my dearest. Her life, is so colourful. Its so hard to describe.

There are some words that exist in some languages but not all. For those who are multi lingual, you know what I’m talking about.

xìng fú

Meaning: Something deeper than blissfulness.

Today was such a day.


Canon G7X, ISO800, 1/100, f/2.8

Day 94 – Tried to work on Saturday

Today my dear is on call. She went to work at 7.50 am and suddenly, I have a weird experience of being alone.

I have a terrible weakness. I always had this nagging guilt with free time. And today, I battled with that. I played wayyy… too much games today. Afternoon, I’ve drove to Llandudno Hospital to get some research done only to find that I can’t access the drive. Sigh, time waste driving.

But the drive did calm my mind a bit. I kept thinking about purpose and perhaps whenever I don’t have purpose, I’m lost.

I think that’s why I feel so at peace whenever I’m at work. Because there is an obvious purpose for my existence.

Such a first world problem. Having problems with free time. @_@

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