Day 97 – Long long day at work

Had complex day at work. Exhausted exhausted.

Today in Emergency Department was absolutely crazy busy. Constantly had ambulances waiting outside. @_@

Made more progress with wedding. Another tick off the list. Such a relief.



Day 96 – A Day of Disappointments

In life, sometimes you have deadlines that are not related to work. And because it is not related to work, you have to sacrifice favours, annual leaves etc etc just to keep certain appointments.

There is always that option of taking ‘sick’ leave. I’ve seen others do it and it is so so tempting. The system we live in is so rigid and tight. How to have flexibility of life when work dominates all our energy, time and commitments?

I’m just whining really. I’m not the only one. Everybody has to juggle.

And juggle I will. And I’ll get better at it.