Day 103 – Another tired day

Started work at 4.00 pm today. Which truthfully I was very grateful for. It gave me time in the day time to write loads of emails and make lots of phone calls. Having lunch with my dearest also made me very very happy.

But I think I’m at the point in life when things are just busy. Loads of things outside of work is weighing on my mind. I know they are temporary and they are part of life. I don’t hate them at all. I just worry constantly of letting people down.

Another thing I’m so grateful for is my current system of GTD. For those who don’t know, it stands for Getting Things Done. It is a common sense productivity system by David Allen. It allowed me to record, keep track, focuses and follow through all projects, actions and ideas. Basically it is my external brain. Because brains are not all that reliable. At least not mine.

Canon G7X, ISO400, 1/13, f/4.0

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