Day 127- First day of in a New Hospital

Today woke up and rushed to hospital to get his new ID badge. Later, I saw him back in the lecture theatre, was a bit shocked when I found out he has to stay for induction ( he is on night today). To me, it’s always a bit of luck to not be the first or last person to be on call on a rotation. I dread to be in that position but not him. He takes pride in his work and sincerely do enjoy that. That is one of the reason why I love him so much. Went out with our group of friends for dinner in Cheshire Oaks. Spontaneous outings, something we haven’t had for a while and we really enjoyed ourselves a lot. Definitely looking forward to a more of these this coming year.

Took a picture of him leaving (..or his silhouette )after grabbing his bag in the living room. Haven’t blogged in such a long time. But I do hope this post would keep him smiling for a  little when he read this during his break tonight.

Have a good night shift today dear. ( and don’t refer any to my team please!!!).

Love and best wishes, your caterpillar.

Canon G7X, ISO 200, 1.0 sec, f/5.6



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