Day 192 – Nottingham Day 2

Classic young people optimism. We planned to wake early and explore the city, look for breakfast and hang out.

We ALL woke up late. Work has been draining us. Last night was one of the few nights we slept together as friends and began rejuvinating. The boys mostly just hang out in our apartment and had coffee. Good talks about careers and futures.

By the time we left, it was afternoon. Went straight to PanAsia. We over ordered again and ate SO much. Interestingly, we were all still very tired. My dearest and I went shopping for a bit but ended back in the apartment by early evening.

Evening and night was the best part of the trip.

We played ‘Modified Charades’. Very similar to the Fish Bowl game. We laughed until our voices gave out. We smiled until our faces cramped. And even our takeaway massively delayed food tasted good.

Picture: My dearest taking pictures with my Canon G7X. So grateful we share photography as hobby !



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