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A fresh new start !!

Christmas Production

National Science Centre

Penang Trip Day 1

Penang Trip day 2

Few intriguing thoughts

Been busy….

A quick update

Trip to Terengganu

Outing To Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

Rest ?


Self adventure? Film Camera?

Costume Party !!

My birthday …. ^_______^

More birthday pictures !!

For Ivan, Norman and the rest of church

Acoustics Night

Being human…

DCIM Show in Midvalley

Withdrawal symptoms…..

Strange thoughts when you’re studying ….

The Day Before Summatives …


C,C and C Place Gathering….

Sunway Lagoon on Saturday

Laziness would be the death of me…

Good day…..

Review of Nikon D300s

Question after getting camera back…

Landscape photography

KKB Day 1

KKB Day 2

KKB Day 3 and 4

Sorry and But …

Ever wonder how?


Back to Phone Photography

What does Facebook mean to me?

Blogger Brain-Block…. (BBB)

New photoshop skill !!

Added on and improved version….

when you’re young….

Last stretch of studying….

I’m scared for the first time….


Watching the work of others…

Exam emotions

35 minutes… ! Practice Practice… !

Post exam activities….(thursday)

Understanding colours…

Understanding colours (2)

Colour: Importance of RAW Files

Happy Early Birthday

A day out with Raf, Ama, Mich and Aaron

Question: Is it worth buying?

Brain Block

My holiday trip to Sarawak (Part 1)

My holiday trip to Sarawak (Part 2)

Why I love portraiture and candid …


Back from the DEAD !!

Conversations about life…

Tiny Events Over The Holidays…

Chinese Singing Competition (1 of 2)

Chinese Singing Competition (2 of 2)

Cell Harvest…

Relationships… when one have many ex-es

Hanging Out At Boh’s Place

Outing Taman Tasik Titiwangsa

5 things I learn from photography…

5 TILFP: Courage to change

5 TILFP: Endurance

Humans (me) are irrational…!

Safety first

5 TILFP: Reflection

Being in love…


My experience in running…

IMU Art Festival & Jim Liaw

Why i like cats ….

5 TILFP: Passion

Merdeka Day (31st August)

Hari Raya Open House

First Experience as a Wedding Photographer

Two Halves in a Day

Wedding as an inspiration

IMU Cup Finale Cheerleading experience

Post Cheerleading Celebration !!

Diwali Week

IMU Halloween Night

5 TILFP: Constant Learning

Bringing memories back

Pulau Perhentian Trip Day 1

“Heart-Warming” Teegee’s Birthday

Jia Wei’s Birthday


Lack of Updates

Early Christmas Dinner


So close yet I can’t wait

Productive outing !

Dinner with an Old Friend

Dialysis Center Visit

Joanne Lee’s BD

Kluang Trip (Part 1 of 3)


Kluang Trip (Part 2 of 3)

Kluang Trip (Part 3 of 3)

Pulau Perhentian Trip Day 2

Pulau Perhentian Trip Day 3

How I celebrated Christmas 2010?

Ultra Simple HDR Lesson

Basics of Photography 1: Photographic Triangle

Basics of Photography 2: ISO

Basics of Photography 3: Shutter Speed

Church Play Practises (14th December 2010)

Basics of Photography 4: Aperture

How to Train a Dragon… !

GP Posting

Eldwin’s 22nd Birthday

Rakib’s Mini Farewell

Flying Lantern/Sky Lantern

G2 (2008) College Reunion

Experience with Orang Asli (Part 1 of 3)

Experience with Orang Asli (Part 2 of 3)

Experience With Orang Asli (Part 3 of 3)

News that cracks me

Kluang Outings

Sunway Outing With Kluang People

Pasar Malam 10Jan11

Kluang Outing Mamak

Kluang Mamak Banu

Big Kluang Outing


Another Mamak Outing

M109 Sem5 Grouping Released…

Aaron’s Birthday XD

FAQ: Noise VS Blur

Things that’s been going on for me…

Min Yi’s Birthday !

STEAMBOAT as CNY Dinner =)

HouseHold Survey in Pedas

Valentine’s Day

I really really miss blogging…

Min Yi’s Friends in Bukit Jalil

Lost and Found 1

Lost and Found 2

Lost and Found 3

Memories of M109: January 2010

Memories of M109: February 2010

IMU Ball 2011

Things I do when I procrastinate

Memories of M109: March 2011

Study Time = Stressful Time

Things I hate about Photography

Rejection in Photography

I’m still fighting where others are not…

Finally leaving my vista home

My dear’s farewell…

Trend of thoughts before photoshoot (Part 1 of 2)

Trend of thoughts before photoshoot (Part 2 of 2) 

Dinner with Friends…

Day Trip to Ipoh

Stop worrying about people liking your photos 

Church Candids

Love from Tay

First Cooking Session with Friends in Southampton

Shopping together in Southampton

Average day in Southampton (for Classes)

Cooking at SuChing’s Place

Massive Lunch (Malaysian+Bruneian)

Day 1: Glen Eyre Road

Day 2: Beechmount Road

Day 3: Chetwynd Road

Day 4: Eldmsleigh Gardens

About My 365 Project

Day 5: Burgess Road

Day 6: Violet Road

Day 7: Holly Hill

Day 8: Washing Dishes

Day 9: Warm Shower

Day 10: Studying Studying Studying

Day 11: A fight with myself

Day 12: Edit, Upload, Blog

Day 13: Badminton training

Day 14: Saturday Morning Photoshoot

Day 15: Malaysian+Bruneian Outing

Day 16: Mini International Students Dinner

Day 17: Walking to Hospital

Day 20: Internationals Mixing Around

Day 22: Sunday No Rest Day

Day 23: Shadows on My Face

Day 24: Stand together

Day 25: Shadow Shapes

Day 26: Another Simple Shadow

An All Malaysian Outing 31092011

Day 28: Bonfire in Winchester

Day 29: Last Day of Shadows

Dinner Jade and Tony at SuChing’s Place 071011

Day 30: Film Photography,The New Adventure

Day 31: Autumn is here

Day 32: Chinese Dinner with Flatmates

Day 33: Simple Thursday

Day 34: Lost in Badminton

Day 35: A Very Relax Day

Day 36: Finished My First Roll in the Morning

Day 37: Lots of Cooking

Day 38: Facing the Sun

Day 39: Up close and personal

Day 41: A very ordinary day

Day 42: Favourite Food

Day 50: Skating Trip to Winchester

Day 51: Happy Birthday, SuChing

Day 52: Rain Rain Go Away

Day 53: Settling lots of stuff

Day 54: Final day on Surgery Rotation

Day 55: I like Fridays

Day 56: A walkabout Day

Day 57: Badminton on Sunday

Day 58: First Day of Psychiatry

Day 59: Friend calling from Malaysia

Dr. Sri Kumar’s Visit / Joys of a Photographer

Day 86: Happy Belated New Year

Day 87: First day back to Psychiatry

(Day 60) Advise About The Cold by a Cold Malaysian

Day 88: A first productive then downhill

Day 89: It was my Fault

Day 90: A Good Morning, A Good Day

Day 91: Relax, with Writing Mental Block

(Day 61) Prime Lenses/Winchester Skating Trip

Day 92: Good Lunch and Library Day

Day 93: Monday Blues? Naaah !

Day 94: Waking up to breakfast

Day 95: Good dreams

Day 96: The day I didn’t sleep much

Day 97: Cold and Fun Friday

Day 98: Busy Busy Busy Saturday

Day 99: Lazy Sunday

Day 100: Neutral Monday?

Day 101: Nervous Assessment Tuesday

Day 102: Free Wednesday, Research on SOPA


Day 104: Sick Sick Day

Day 105: Haircut !

Day 106: CNY Dinner

Day 108: Case Case Case

I shall declare that today is a new day

Long Weekend

Snowing in March

Tough GP Week

What I learn: Receptionist in GP

First experience with Snow

Emotionally tough 24 hours


Full relaxing weekend

What I learn: First Week of Stroke Unit

Remembering the good old days (My Generasi)

Brink of Holidays

Emotionally – Unproductive

Avenger’s Movie Night

Letting off steam

Expenditure in the UK

A bad day

Let the Pictures Speak for Itself

Random Walk from A Day of Studying

Just leaves


Flowers in a day of stress and preparation

Missing friends