Day 109 – Home Sweet Home to Sarcasm

Woke up blissfully late in Edinburgh today. Besides the terrible traffic and difficulty finding parking, we had a moderately good lunch and said our goodbyes to our friend.

Had another blissful drive down to Wales. Long drives with my dearest are the best. Half the time she is peacefully sleeping. The other half having good and random conversations.

Took us about a little over 5 hours to reach home. But life will be life. I had to get back to work on my presentation that I’m doing on coming Tuesday. I was part of the team who will be presenting on Tuesday and I’ve been tasked to deal with the annual summary of the department. Lots of powerpoint slides, statistics and charts. Things I love.

Talking about things I love, today someone messaged me something I REALLY hate. I don’t hate many things but this is definitely one of them.

Obnoxious sarcasm

I’m terrible with sarcasm. I get it. It usually irritates me a little but today, this guy seriously pissed me off. Grrr….

But my dearest saw right through me. She gave me really deep words and thoughts about why and how to deal with this. That rare moment when a person you trust just gets everything right about your thoughts, emotions and past when dealing with a situation. This was one of those. And it’s always her who gets me.

She prevented me from doing something really stupid. I love you.


Canon G7X, ISO800, 1/500, f/2.8



Day 82 – Home Sweet Home

Arrived at night in Malaysia. Warm, humid and smells ‘thick’.

Hug parents, small amount of awkward conversations. Milo ice !!! =D

Spend quality time around a big table with all family members.

Having fun saying “This is my fiancee”. =D


Canon G7X, ISO1600, 1/50, f/4.0

Day 22 – Home. Finally.

After 3 days in Berlin and 2 days in London, we’re finally home. Can’t believe its only been 5 nights since we left for Berlin. It sure felt a lot longer than that.

Its truly amazing what humans are capable of in the modern age. My friends, my love and I just travelled to Berlin and back in less than 3 days. My love and I travelled to London in less than 2 days. Trips like these used to weeks if not, months to make. Sent the ring for resizing today.

As you can tell, I rare go on holidays. But after this trip, I can see why it is so addictive. Its almost like hitting the reset button in life. Coming home with a fresh perspective and clear mind.

Watched the movie Penelope today. Amazing with so many famous actors in it. Can’t believe I didnt watch it before. Thanks my dear.

I took the picture whilst waiting for the laundry to complete. Despite exhausted, I’m just grateful to be doing the laundry.


D7000, ISO 400, 0.6 seconds, f/8.0, 20mm